Help your customers manage their credit card debt and unlock new business in the process.

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Credit Card Coach allows you to reposition your bank or credit union at the center of your customers' experience with their credit cards.

  • Works with all the major third party credit cards, providing access and insight into a new portion of your customers' financial life.
  • Designed to optimize your customers' best interests, not the credit card providers' business model.
  • Creates new personal loan opportunities and cross-sell moments.

How Credit Card Coach Works:

  • Setup

    Mastercard & Visa

    Your customers securely link their credit card(s) in minutes.

  • Coach

    A graphic representing Nickel's monitoring

    Your customers get real time guidance on their credit card usage and payments to promote good habits.

  • Offer

    A graphic representing Nickel's actions

    Your customers are notified when there are opportunities to refinance their debt into a personal loan.

  • Assess

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    Your bank or credit union gets supplemental data to better assess risk and improve underwriting.

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Credit Card Coach Creates a win-win:

A win for your customers

  • Easy, one-time setup.
  • Unlocks real-time guidance.
  • Pay down revolving debt faster.
  • Improves card usage and credit score.

A win for your bank

  • Full access to customers’ credit card data, regardless of the card.
  • Reach your customers at the right moment with personal loan offers.
  • Better underwriting capabilities to grow personal loan portfolio without increasing risk.
Most of your customers rely solely on their major card providers for credit card management. This means:
You have little insight into this portion of your customers' financial health.
Your customers are paying billions in interest to third parties.
You don't have your customers' attention and are missing the data you need to refinance their debt.
Your customers' credit scores are needlessly hampered, limiting your business opportunities.

The Behavioral Science of Credit Card Debt:

As humans, we're prone to common, predictable mistakes using and managing our credit cards. It's not that we're dumb, it's just that we're humans and we have busy lives.
Most Don't Realize:
  • The design of the credit card statement influences payments.
  • The 'minimum payment due' line in a statement depresses card payments, creating more interest and fees for the major card providers and costing your customers more money.
  • New design approaches have been shown to increase card payments.

You have the opportunity to stay central to your customers' relationship with their finances by redesigning their experience with their credit cards.

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