Personalized Loan Guidance

Designed by Behavioral Scientists
Built for Student-Borrowers
Delivered with Colleges

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A Behavioral Perspective on Student Debt

The ‘Student Debt Crisis’ is often in the news but what seldom gets mentioned is that more than half of the 4 million borrowers who leave school every year owe less than $20,000 and that those who owe the least when leaving school are the most likely to default.

Current loan counseling approaches often focus on financial literacy, but this approach too often misses the fact that attention is actually the limiting factor in students’ lives. Students are going through a major life transition as they leave school and enter the working world. They need an easy way to manage their loans and build a budget without having to become an expert of this complex system.


Helping Students Build Strong Credit Profiles


Designed to help students both while they’re in school and after they depart, our web-based solution makes it easy for student-borrowers to establish healthy repayment behaviors.

Our system puts students on a path to financial success by guiding borrowers to take the most important actions with the least amount of friction.


Setting Students Up for Success

  • Personalized process shows students the exact options available for them

  • Guides students to establish their servicer relationship right away

  • Helps borrowers actively choose a repayment plan that is best for them

  • Mobile optimized web application


Building Healthy Repayment Habits

  • Facilitates budget and repayment planning

  • Offers triggered interventions if a borrower misses a payment

  • Behaviorally informed messages nudge borrowers to take action

  • Reinforces healthy repayment behaviors

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