To help your customers with their federal student loans, let Nickels do the work for you.

How Nickels works.

Without any IT or data integration work required, Nickels can be live for your customers in as little as two days.

  • Set up

    A graphic representing Nickel's set up The graphic contains two white rectangles placed vertically in a single column. The first top rectangle contains the FederalStudentAid logo representing how Nickels syncs with customers' FSA accounts. The second bottom rectangle contains the text; "Federal Loan Servicers" representing how Nickels syncs with customer's loan servicers.

    Customers sync their loan accounts in a process that takes just minutes, so Nickels always knows the status of student loans.

  • Monitor

    A graphic representing Nickel's monitoring A graphic showing three white rectangles. Each has a circle in the left portion of it. There are three circles total; one yellow, one green, one pink. Layered on top of the rectangles is a larger circle outlined in blue with arrows on either side. This represents that Nickels' monitoring is automatic and always on.

    Built-in triggers enable Nickels to monitor when important actions need to be taken.

  • Drive necessary actions

    A graphic representing Nickels' actions. An envelope to represent email and two chat bubbles to represent SMS.

    Behaviorally-informed messaging drives members to take important actions on time.

No IT or data integration work required.

We’re ready, are you? In just two days you can be helping your customers manage the largest and most problematic debt they’re facing today.

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