Help solve the biggest problem facing young adults today: federal student debt.

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A stylized screenshot of a whitelabeled version of the Nickels log in screen that cycles through three credit union customers.
A stylized screenshot of the loans section of the Nickels dashboard showing current total balance.
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Support your customers with their federal student loans without any additional work.

How it works.

Without any IT or data integration work required, Nickels
can be live for your customers in as little as two days.

  • Set Up

    The graphic contains two white rectangles placed vertically in a single column. The first top rectangle contains the FederalStudentAid logo representing how Nickels syncs with customers' FSA accounts. The second bottom rectangle contains the text; 'Federal Loan Servicers' representing how Nickels syncs with customer's loan servicers.

    Customers sync their loan accounts in a process that takes just minutes, so Nickels always knows the status of their student loans.

  • Monitor

    A graphic representing Nickel's monitoring

    Built-in triggers enable Nickels to monitor when important actions need to be taken.

  • Drive Necessary Actions

    A graphic representing Nickels' actions. An envelope to represent email and two chat bubbles to represent SMS.

    Behaviorally-informed messaging drives customers to take important actions on time.

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Addressing federal student debt can grow your business.

  • Attract and retain young customers.

    Provide needed support with federal student debt, the largest debt category with the highest delinquency and default rates for adults under 30.

  • Increase savings and de-risk your loan portfolio.

    Increase your customers’ savings, while helping them to improve their financial health and financial future.

  • Expand access to wallet share.

    Create opportunities for other banking products such as primary checking accounts, auto loans, and student loan refinancing.

Data shows that this is more than purely a financial problem.

In fact, the borrowers who owe the least are most likely to default.

Source: Federal Student Aid, New York Fed Consumer Credit Panel/Equifax 35 million of the 45 million total borrowers each owe less than $40k. 0m 3m 15% 6m 20% 9m 25% 12m 30% 15m 35% <$10k $10k-20k $20k-$40k $40k-$60k $60k-$100k $100k+ 5-Year Default Rate [ % ] Borrowers by Debt Amount [m]

Delinquency & defaults hurt business

*Percentage of home ownership at age 30 Never late Ever 30-90 days late Ever 120+ days late Ever defaulted 744 667 596 549 Credit scores Federal Student Loan Payment Performance Home ownership rates* 36% 18% 12% 3%
Source: New York Fed
Consumer Credit Panel / Equifax

Read our special report to understand the problems. Download the Report PDF

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Your customers will thank you.

No IT or data integration work required.

We’re ready, are you? In just two days you can be helping your customers manage the largest and most problematic debt they’re facing today.

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